Let’s Discuss Fitness Watches


They are so popular at this point. You know, Apple Watches, Fitbits, GPS following watches… there are such a large number of to look over! Is it accurate to say that they are valuable? It is safe to say that they are unfavorable? Would it be advisable for you to get one?

Truly, I constantly sort of needed a wellness band to follow my exercises… I truly couldn’t have cared less about whatever else other than my action level and calorie consume. I am a sprinter, and I abhorred conveying my telephone with me on my races to follow my separation… a watch would be so helpful…

When I graduated, my folks got me a TomTom GPS watch for my graduate blessing. I WAS Enamored! I could follow my separation when I went climbing, biking, swimming, and running. I exercise in the rec center a ton and do move wellness classes as well, so there is a “rec center” highlight for that too. It even stays aware of my every day steps and calorie objectives. I could then begin defining week by week objectives for myself to feel achieved in the wake of a monotonous week.

There are such huge numbers of advantages to having a wellness watch, yet there are a couple of things I don’t adore about them, and these watches may not be for everyone.

First of all, I don’t love the way some watch brands cause individuals to be horribly aggressive. This brand of watch has the alternative to “include companions” and afterward you can rival them every day and week by week on your exercises. There is nothing amiss with a little well disposed rivalry all over, however I had colleagues in school who were fixated on “beating” the other individual in “who could get the most strides in today”. These sort of settings can end up adverse in case you’re continually endeavoring to beat the other individual for day by day steps or every day calorie consume… in light of the fact that prepare to have your mind blown. Each BODY is unique, and a few people normally consume a bigger number of calories than others. Or then again, a few people may not be “working out” more but rather have an increasingly dynamic activity in this manner they get more strides in. In any case, these opposition applications can persuade you to have the attitude of “I am superior to you” since I got more strides in today.

Your exercise ought to be for you as it were. You are your solitary rivalry. It doesn’t make a difference what any other person is doing, contend with yourself.

Also, here and there these watches may cause negative considerations. Ordinarily, when you first buy the watch, you answer a pack of inquiries concerning yourself… your sex, age, tallness, weight, action level, etc. The watch completes an entirely great job at ascertaining calorie needs and consumes the anthropometric information, yet there is a segment missing from these watches. The watch can’t tell how much bulk you have…

I get so got up to speed with the calorie consume amid an exercise… my watch has a worked in pulse screen (which numerous watches don’t have), so it completes an entirely exact portrayal on what a 155 lb. lady in her 20’s would consume (however not 100% precise), nonetheless, my watch does not realize my bulk. The more bulk you have, the higher your digestion is, subsequently the more calories you consume for the duration of the day. I make an effort not to get excessively fixated on the “calories consumed” segment of my watch since I realize that my body is normally consuming more while resting in light of the fact that I have a lot of muscle. In any case, in the event that I don’t meet my calorie objective for an exercise, I feel terrible about myself and ask why I haven’t consumed to such an extent…

“Why did I only burn 400 calories doing my dance fitness class today, but yesterday I burnt 550 calories? Did I not go hard enough?  I should push myself harder, but I am tired…”

Those are the thoughts that go through my head when I pay attention to those numbers. I think watches can be a good thing, but I think they can cause you to put yourself down, too. The important thing is that you are being active and listening to your body. If you are too tired to keep going, then stop. Your body is telling you to. On the flip-side, if you are kind of tired but could keep going, then keep going until you’ve had enough. The only thing that should indicate whether you are “finished” should be the way your body feels.

Now, should we all go throw away our fitness watches? Of course not. As I said before, I love my watch. My watch works for me and my fitness activities…but I do not have “friends” on my watch to compare myself to, and I listen to my body during a workout. I do not categorize my workout as “good” if I burn a certain number of  calories…I base it on how I physically feel afterwards.

Challenge for the week: Try not to focus so much the watch settings during your workout…listen to your body. If your watch becomes an obsession, try going a few days without tracking your calories and steps. Really get back to listening to your body during your workouts.


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